4G GPS Tracker for Pets

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  • [ live tracking & location history ] Follow your dog every step in real-time on your phone. See where your pet has been.
  • [ Pet Finder function ] Two modes: Lighted pet finder, click on the button and the device will glow, suitable for finding at night. Sound search, click on the button and the device will make a sound, suitable for searching in forests and caves
  • [ Electronic fence ] Safety range can be set to trigger an alarm when the pet leaves the range
  • [ All-day Activity Monitoring ] Track active time, rest and calories burned. Set fitness goals. Keep your buddy in great shape with GPS Tracker for dogs.
  • [ subscription plan ] Built-in free card, There are four preferential subscriptions for 1 month: $18.99, 3 months: $49.99, 6 months: $89.99, one year: $149.99.
Special Feature
Supported Application
Super tracker
Item Dimensions LxWxH
2 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches
Compatible Devices
Battery Capacity
800 Milliamp Hours

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How to cancel my automatic subscription?

Cancellation needs to be contacted before the next time order subscription takes effect

Refunds and other issues?

Repeat subscriptions, didn't canceled automatic subscriptions resulting in deductions, please contact us to deal with, we are unable to refund if has complaint arises

Instructions for use?

Step 1, login with your device ID and password;

Step 2, enter your order number;

Step 3, purchase Subscription Plan;

Step 4,turn on the device, and wait a few minutes for the device to activate;

Step 5:pull-up refresh app

How to start the GPS device?

When fully charged, press the power on button, it will ring once

How to know the device has been activated?

After activating the device, our device will have two kinds of signal lights, blue is the signal light of GPS, yellow is the signal light of GSM,both lights will be on steadily.

How to shut down the device?

Equipment shutdown requires a long press for more than 3 seconds; will sound 2 sounds after the shutdown.

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