4G GPS Tracker for Cars

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  • 【GIVE YOU THE MOST RELIABLE SERVICE】We are focused on GPS tracking, IP65 splashproof, dustproof and not easily damaged, Revolutionary 4G technology, works everywhere with any network old or new for best coverage. Comes with an embedded built-in SIM card included and works worldwide, With Google Maps, Receives location alerts from the GPS tracker via our IOS/Android apps.
  • 【SMALL ENOUGH TO BE INVISIBLE】 Is super small 2.20x2.20x0.74 in and super light 1.72 oz. It can easily hide in any place, achieve invisibility, will not occupy space, and will not be noticed by people, Built-in Super Strength Magnet and can be adsorbed anywhere, It can also be placed in a small pocket. Hidden in a backpack or box.
  • 【THREE MODES AND THREE CHOICES】Normal mode provide you with real-time and accurate location services, every minute and second, without a sense of distance, smart mode updates the location regularly, improves battery life, and is more durable, Turning on the power saving mode will enter sleep and save power for the next use of it.
  • 【CHARGE FASTER AND LAST LONGER】 No need to install, ready to be used out of the box. It only takes 2 hours to charge, and the battery life of 850 mAh can reach 5 days, Satisfy your multiple purposes.
  • 【NEED TO SUBSCRIBE】Affordable subscription & high-quality customer service: The device includes a SIM card and provides three subscription services, 1 month: $18.99, 6 months: $89.99, one year: $149.99. Real-time customer service, you can visit the official website or directly email us in the app to contact us, we will redouble our efforts until you are satisfied.

4G LTE GPS Trackers

  • The Gyttio 4G LTE GPS Trackers monitor location with pinpoint accuracy and go anywhere discreetly while giving you real-time updates. Whether you guard expensive equipment or items against theft or monitor your delivery driver's routes.
  • The Gyttio 4G LTE GPS Trackers give you the reliable, real-time tracking performance you need. Super tracker GPS tracker is very durable.
  • The device is very suitable for tracking vehicles, is super magnetic, and is IP65 Splash-proof,dust-proof Once the device is placed on the target vehicle.
  • Its location and movement can be tracked anywhere on the phone or tablet. The Super Tracker app allows you to easily monitor devices.
  • For example, you can set up special alerts to notify you when the tracker reaches a specific location. The geofence feature of the tracker allows you.
  • To set the perimeter on the map and be alerted when the target enters or leaves the area. You can also store historical tracking data and even get custom reports.
  • Summarize the data you collect.No matter where the device is. You can be sure to get accurate information about its location.
  • With the help of advanced satellite technology, you can accurately know the location of the target within 15 feet.
  • The battery life of GPS Tracker is up to 20 days, so there is no need for continuous charging. For easy and accurate tracking.
  • The Tracker is a piece of top equipment that provides reliable services and advanced features at the most affordable price.

Package Contents:

  • 1*Main engine
  • 1*USB charging cable
  • 1*Instruct

We offer good customer service and strong technical support. Any need please feel free to contact us.

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How to cancel my automatic subscription?

Cancellation needs to be contacted before the next time order subscription takes effect

Refunds and other issues?

Repeat subscriptions, didn't canceled automatic subscriptions resulting in deductions, please contact us to deal with, we are unable to refund if has complaint arises

Instructions for use?

Step 1, login with your device ID and password;

Step 2, enter your order number;

Step 3, purchase Subscription Plan ;

Step 4,go outside, turn on the device's switch and wait a few minutes to activate the device;

Step 5,pull-up refresh app

How to start the GPS device?

After purchasing subscription plan successfully, you need to start the device outdoors and wait the yellow and blue lights stable,and the device will be activated.

How to know the device has been activated?

After activating the device, device will have two kinds of signal lights, blue is the signal light of GPS, yellow is the signal light of GSM,both them will stable.

How to deal with the device offline?

Check if there is a subscription plan.

Check if the device has power to turn on properly.

Check if the device is in a place where there is no signal, such as underground parking lots, closed rooms, etc.