4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

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Geofence Alerts

Set the device-centric safety zone through the app (100m-800m range can be set). When the vehicle enters and exits the safety zone, the mobile app immediately receives an alert.

Smart instant alert

SuperTracker provides three alarm modes: Speeding alarm, light sensor alarm, low battery alarm.

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 weeks

Supertracker provide 3 modes-- daily mode, smart mode, energy-saving mode.

Whatever your tracking needs, The supertracker is the perfect choice for easy tracking!

4G LET Real-time Location Tracking & History Sharin

Use 4G LTE nationwide coverage network and Google Maps to easily check the places you have been and the latest activities.


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How to cancel my automatic subscription?

Cancellation needs to be contacted before the next time order subscription takes effect

Refunds and other issues?

Repeat subscriptions, didn't canceled automatic subscriptions resulting in deductions, please contact us to deal with, we are unable to refund if has complaint arises

Instructions for use?

Step 1, login with your device ID and password;

Step 2, enter your order number;

Step 3, purchase Subscription Plan ;

Step 4,go outside, turn on the device's switch and wait a few minutes to activate the device;

Step 5,pull-up refresh app

How to start the GPS device?

After purchasing subscription plan successfully, you need to start the device outdoors and wait the yellow and blue lights stable,and the device will be activated.

How to know the device has been activated?

After activating the device, device will have two kinds of signal lights, blue is the signal light of GPS, yellow is the signal light of GSM,both them will stable.

How to deal with the device offline?

Check if there is a subscription plan.

Check if the device has power to turn on properly.

Check if the device is in a place where there is no signal, such as underground parking lots, closed rooms, etc.